Lock down on the farm

It has been a busy time since Lockdown was announced in March.

Springtime for us is usually ‘social lockdown’ due to lambing! In April we started our indoor lambing. We lamb just under 1000 indoors, and the rest of the flock lamb outdoors. Luckily, the weather this spring was kind, and we managed to get the sheep that had lambed indoors, outside with their new lambs within a day, to lush grass, and warm sunshine.

Lambing on the farm lasts till the beginning of May, so we were certainly kept busy.

We had a lambing experience booked for the first 2 weekends in April. This is where we invite families onto the farm, and they get to experience lambing first-hand. Obviously, this was cancelled due to Covid-19, which was a real shame. We luckily managed to invite some families virtually, where we streamed a lived webinar so people could see the lambs, witness a live birth, and ask any questions.

Since finishing lambing, there has been much activity in the fields. The boys have been busy with sowing spring crops, and, looking after the winter crops. We have also had the mammoth task of planting the pumpkin patch. We have 3 patches, with 6 different varieties of pumpkins. We bring the seeds on in the polytunnel, and then plant them out at the beginning of June. We just hope for lots of warm weather, and the odd drizzle of rain (at night please!!)

We are now starting to prep our pods for reopening in July. We are so excited about this. It has been tough walking past them throughout the spring, and knowing they are empty. We would have loved to have welcomed guests here over the last few months! The farm is such an exciting place to be over the spring months! We still have no word of when we can open the pool, but hopefully it is not too far behind!

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