Can we help with the lambing?

You will be able to help care, feed, bed and water the ewes and their new-born lambs

How long does it last?

Your booked slot will last 1 hour. In this time, you can help the farmer with the chores in the lambing shed, or if you prefer, just soak up the atmosphere and play with lambs!

What do I wear?

Bring outdoor clothing, preferably waterproof and that you don’t mind getting wet or dirty! Wear outdoor footwear, wellies are ideal. We will provide latex gloves for extra health and safety.

Who can come?

We invite everyone from school age 5 onwards to come to this experience. All children must be accompanied by a paying adult. If you are trying for a baby, think/are pregnant, we advise that you do not take part in this experience this year.

Can I come if I have allergies?

If you are allergic to hay or straw, we advise that you don’t take part in the ‘sheep feeding/bedding’ activity!

Are there hand washing facilities?

Hand wash facilities will be provided, and we stress the need for high levels of hygiene.

Do I need to pay if it’s only my children taking part?

Yes, you do, the experience is for both adults and children.

Can I bring my baby in a buggy to watch while my older child and I take part?

Unfortunately, no, health and safety are a priority,

Can adults take part, or is it an activity just for kids?

We often get groups of adults. The experience is for everyone.

Is it 1 ticket per family?

No, it’s 1 ticket per person.


If we are staying in a pod, do we need a ticket?

No, as your car is parked at the pods, and you can walk down to the field. The pod carpark is only open to guests and will be closed to non-guests.

If we don’t have a ticket can we attend

No, you must have a ticket. There is no where else in Arnprior to park.

Can dogs attend

Yes, but must be kept on a lead

How much are your pumpkins

They start at £5 for a small one, up to £12 for a large ( We sell munchkins for £1.50 too)

Do we cut the pumpkins off the vine?

No they are pre cut by us, due to health and safety

If we book 1 ticket, does that mean we can only buy 1 pumpkin?

No, you can buy as many pumpkins as you like, but the £5 from your parking ticket (or £20 if you bought 4 cars!) will get redeemed against your pumpkin order

Is it pram and wheelchair friendly?

In areas. The pumpkin patch itself is in a real field, although we have gravel paths . You can access our catering area via a path. With babies, if you can use a baby carrier I would recommend it. If you are looking for a disabled parking space, please email ahead of time, and we can provide this for you

Why are some of the pumpkins green?

Pumpkins ripen at different times, as some will still be green, and some with have ripened quicker, and are orange

Are all the days the same?

Yes, they usually are.

If we book later in October will there still be pumpkins left.

Yes, we grow thousands, and there are always pumpkins left for the sheep to eat at the end! Luckily, we have a 3rd patch that we use to replenish the main patch

How long will my pumpkin last for?

Pumpkins are a fresh product. If stored properly they can last for well over a month. If you pick your pumpkin from the field then take it into a hot house, it may turn bad. Keep it outside until you are ready to carve it

What is the difference with ASN days

These days are quieter days, with less people, noise and activities.

DO you do welly hire

We usually do, yes.

Do you take card


Do you have baby changing facilities

Yes, we have a portaloo with a changing table

Do your food trucks cater for dietary requirements

Yes, they do.

Still have questions?

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email if you have any more queries. Rebecca is never far from her computer and will usually get back to you within a day or two.

Arnprior Farm, Stirling, FK8 3HA